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Cultural Competency

Arrive Consulting is a member of the Called to Action Collaborative, a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators and facilitators working in partnership to advance Indigenous rights and reconciliation. We support clients to gain awareness of other cultures and develop cultural sensitivity and humility, which is the groundwork for providing culturally safe programs and services.


We believe that learning needs to be combined with action to create meaningful change. We support organizations to develop and implement reconcili-action plans. We work with together to identify priorities for change regarding relationships with Indigenous communities and the cultural safety of programs, and we support them as they create and implement initiatives to address these priorities.


We create opportunities for dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations and communities. Sometimes this is in the form of community engagement about a specific program or sector; other times it is open-ended dialogue to identify mutual interests and needs. We build connections and create safe spaces for challenging conversations. ​

“The Called to Action team helped guide the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria in our Indigenous Journey Project, which involved creating a five-year reconciliation action plan and providing training to all our staff. The process was very inclusive, and the team really set the tone for learning together collaboratively. As a result, our staff are better prepared to educate newcomers about colonization and contribute within our organization to advance reconciliation and relationships with indigenous peoples. We are grateful for the support, encouragement, and expertise of The Called to Action Team.”

Jean McRae, CEO, Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria